Back to Square One

I feel like life won’t give us a break. One month my husband is working a wonderful job, the next he is let go because his services are no longer needed. I feel like this just continuously happening and it’s becoming tiresome. Life seems to always be unpredictable and nobody likes that. What does God have planned for this life of ours and why does it always seem to take a turn at every corner? What is the solution, what is the answer? I don’t seem to know. I’ve learned to let God handle our days and he will provide in the ways he knows how. I’m only human and just want to know when it will become secure and reassuring again. It feels like things are slipping out of grasp over and over again and it’s becoming normal. It’s not supposed to be the “norm.”

We have a family Disney vacation coming up March 15th-18th and it’s so easy to just drown in the excitement and makes me not think, how are we going to make it? We’ve got enough in the bank to hold us off a couple months but then that’s it. Why is adulting such a whirlwind of emotions that I sometimes can’t handle?

I digress. I really am excited for this vacation because when life takes these turns, we have a little out. It’s going to be our 3rd Marriage Anniversary March 19th and that was our getaway. I am going to enjoy this. I’m not going to worry. I’m going to pretend everything is fine and I’m going to feel like a kid again. These experiences are something to cherish and I want to remember every bit of it. Eddie is going to have so much fun. We’ve built a pretty good itinerary of fast passes for each day. A neat and excitement filled schedule to get every single bit of monies worth. 

We are staying at Port Orleans. It’s a beautiful room with a view and we can take the ferry to some of the parks, which is exciting. I want little man to enjoy Splash Mountain and the Na’vi River ride. I want him to enjoy seeing Mickey and Minnie. We are hoping to take him on the Slinky Dog Dash. We always have to visit Star Tours as we are pretty big Star Wars fans.

I have a feeling everything will be alright. It’ll work itself out. I’m going to continue to put our lives in the hands of the one and only, our Lord and Savior.

When you wish upon a star…….

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