The 55



  • What is their mother’s maiden name? Hampton
  • What color are their eyes? Hazel (Sometimes super Green)
  • What is one place they desperately want to travel to? Ireland
  • What do they regret about their family life? At the moment, he wants to do more financially for us. He was just offered a better job with more pay, so he may have got just what he wanted 🙂
  • What foods can they absolutely not stand? Cottage Cheese
  • Do they shower in the morning or at night? Morning
  • Have they ever voted? Yes
  • What type of chocolate do they prefer? Dark Chocolate
  • Is there a certain nickname they absolutely hate to be called? None that I know of..
  • Where is their family from? Ashland, Kentucky
  • Is their family religious? Yes
  • Do they want a cat or a dog? We’re dog people. We have a sweet husky, Rigby.
  • Which friend have they known the longest? Tracy Ephram
  • What childhood memory do they always bring up? He always brings up the time he and his family went to New Orleans and how much he bonded with his father on that trip.
  • Do they think of themselves as extroverted or introverted? Extroverted
  • Do other people think of them as extroverted or introverted? Definitely Extroverted
  • Do they want children? We’ve got one sweet little red head, Eddie. We may be in the market for a second, that’s a decision for a later date.
  • What do they think of long term commitments, marriage, etc.? Well, we are married, so I guess you could say he’s my “Ride or Die.”
  • Do they like foreplay? Meh..
  • Are they a light sleeper? Oh no. He could sleep through a war and then asked what happened when he woke up.
  • Do they like to cuddle while they sleep? Very much so, he is a super cuddle buddy. ♥
  • Which celebrity do they find most attractive? Hmm…I never really asked that one to be completely honest. Maybe Ronda Rousey? He likes that MMA stuff.
  • How do they wind down at the end of a long day? At the moment he is all about his Batman Arkham City video game. He is a gamer through and through. He also enjoys watching a good movie or catching up on a television show we both enjoy. Nothing beats having Eddie between us to snuggle up to.
  • Do they drink every day? Not anymore. Thank you Lord!
  • Would they ever want to live abroad? We’ve talked about it. With this new job, they also have delivery sites in Australia. That is the place I’ve ALWAYS wanted to visit/live……so we’ll see.
  • Do they still have their wisdom teeth? Nope
  • What do they like on pizza? Meat. When I say meat, I mean meat, like ALL THE MEATS. Mushrooms too.
  • Do they have severe allergies and what are they? No, he just has one nostril that is narrow and harder to breath through because of how many times his nose was broke when he was a boxer.
  • If they went to college, what did they study? He majored in Computer Technology.
  • Do they believe in God? Absolutely.
  • What’s their favorite sex position? He jumps up from the top rope and pile drives me. Oh sex position… Missionary, I suppose? We are traditional.
  • In an ideal world, how many times a week would they want to have sex? 2-3
  • What’s their least favorite part of their current job? Well, nothing yet, he starts on Monday.
  • What are they currently reading? Comic books, which one? Beats me…too many to choose from. Nerd..
  • Are they conscious about saving money? Well, I believe that is something we will be working on in good ol’ 2019.
  • What is their ideal date night? Dinner and a movie. I’m a very chill person, this is okay by my standards.
  • Where were they born? Ashland, Kentucky.
  • How do they take their coffee? Little cream, lots of sugar.
  • What is the one thing you could say to make them start arguing with you? Money, so we don’t go there if we don’t have to.
  • What is their astrological sign? Libra
  • What is their favorite season? Fall
  • What amount of PDA are they comfortable with? Hug, hold hands, a quick kiss.
  • What is their go-to drink order? Sweet Tea (No lemon)
  • How old were they when they lost their virginity? Probably around 16-17.
  • What are their porn preferences? Oh goodness me. Hopefully none, I should be the only woman he is looking at.
  • Are they confrontational? Not with me. He knows better. *snickers*
  • How often do they use social media? Every day. No more than the average Joe.
  • Do they have condiment/hot sauce preferences? He prefers Mustard to Ketchup, Mayo to Miracle Whip, Pepper to Salt, and Louisiana Hot Sauce is his go to.
  • What makes them insanely impatient? In all honesty here, he is the most patient person I’ve ever met. I’ve never really seen him completely impatient since I’ve known him. I wish I had his patients…
  • What is their go-to form of exercise? Upper body, core, and cardio.
  • What is their dream job? To be a History Teacher or Computer Technician.
  • What is their favorite meal? Sausage, Fried Potatoes, and Greens. BBQ Ribs is a close second.
  • Who is their closest friend currently? Honesty here, Me. We’ve fell out of a lot of communication with others since we had Eddie, but we love every minute of it.
  • What is the one thing that gets them off every time? Oh come on, do we really need to ask this one? Me in a Harley Quinn outfit…DUH!
  • Do they like celebrating their birthday? Not after his Dirty 30. He says it’s all down hill from here….psh…He doesn’t mind celebrating when it’s just us…OOOOoooohhhhhh…….Yea, he does.

I figured this would be something fun I could share. I like to do these every once in a while and I love talking about my Hubby, so this was really a lot of fun. I encourage others to do this as well. You might find out you know more than you thought. Until next time.


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