The Beginning of Forever


This is the love of my life, Jonathan Clark. We met each other at Winn Dixie Liquor Store as associates in August of 2011 and went on our first date on Halloween. His nephew was born that morning, little did I know that later on I would become his Aunt. We went to our friendly neighborhood Cheers for a couple games of pool and a couple mixed drinks after work that night. We were texting all night the night before and I begged him to dress in a cowboy outfit. Little did I know he would come through and actually walk into the store in his sexy cowboy hat and cute plaid button up that I later would wear all the time. I was dressed in my Cubs baseball jersey and cute little white booty shorts and I’m pretty sure that got his attention. Oh, if only I looked good as I did then. That’s besides the point. We ended the night with me sitting on the back of his Monte Carlo, arms around his neck and just talking. He was a complete gentleman. He walked me up to my front door and gave me a hug, needless to say, no good night kiss.

The second date was not necessarily a date, I was just lonely and wanted to hang out so I texted him, “You know I’ve got this bottle of Marshmallow Pinnacle Vodka you up sold me on and no one to drink it with.” He replies, “I’ll be right over.” He shows up to my door with two gas station hot chocolates and a cute little smile spread wide across his face. We proceed to the tree house my dad made for my sister and I in the backyard and up the stairs we climbed.

Side note: That tree house was everything! It had electricity running to it, a ceiling fan, a television in it, radio, lights, the works. My Dad always went ALL out on stuff like this.

So we get to into the house, shut the floor door and poured a generous helping of Marshmallow vodka into our hot chocolates and just sat across from each other and start to just talk. It was the most respectable thing any guy had ever done with me, the guys around my area are sluts. So that being said, we turned on some music and just kept up conversation and then things got a little emotional. We both shared stories of heart ache and things we wanted to achieve. I can’t remember exactly what I was talking about but he reached over and gave me a hug and told me I was in good hands. I knew that. I just didn’t want to admit it.

Half way through the hot chocolate the need to pee hit, I told him I’d be right back and ran inside to use the bathroom. I spruced up, came back out and his car was flashing its headlights and beeped and scared the crap out of me and all I could hear was him chuckling outside of the tree house. He was leaning against the post waiting for me. I got through the gate and over to him and was about to say something and he pulled me in for a kiss. I mean, it was a kiss where I saw fireworks and the world stood still and in that moment I knew the feeling was right. He pulled away, hands still around my waist and asked me to be his girlfriend. I mean, how could I say no? I was smitten and completely light headed from my magic movie kiss. He took my hand and we went back up the stairs and continued our conversation. Me being an idiot, I spilled the last of my hot chocolate and I cursed under my breath. Then, just like in a movie, he pulls off his sweater and white cotton shirt and cleans up the mess. I was taken aback and couldn’t stop looking at his toned stomach and really nice chest. It took everything not to slobber all over myself. He pulled his sweater back over his head and I was a little upset, but it was a nice sneak peak if I do say so myself.

We ended up cuddling next to each other and fell asleep until the sun came up. We sleepily made our way down the stairs around 7:30 a.m. and he walked me to my front door. He gave me a sweet little kiss and said, “See you at work Betsy-Girl.” (The nickname he has called me ever since.) That day, November 5th, 2011 we were official, and have been ever since. I have to say, I’m so glad I met that man. He is the best husband a woman could have. ♥



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