Play Date


Cheesy Egg Smiles


What better way than to start your day with cheesy eggs and Paw Patrol? None. There is no day that starts out better, according to Eddie. We go onto and he gets to pick the episode he wants to watch with breakfast, but only one. It’s nice to be able to make his brekky and have a nice hot steaming mug of “pick me up.” Today I decided to use my winter fox mug, probably my most favorite in my collection at the moment.


It’s one of my most favorite things to do in the morning, pick from the collection. If you haven’t read my recent post, I am a mug hoarder, it’s my thang. Anyway, Daddy had to go to a doctor’s appointment today so I opted to have him drop Eddie and I off at the park for a play date. (I might sound awkward, but we call each other Mommy and Daddy, I love it.) Thankfully I was able to have enough time to get myself put together while I watch my daily vlog by Dr. Dray on YouTube. She is an interesting person of the sorts, I don’t know what my infatuation is with dermatology, veganism, and hanging out with her mother, but it’s different. I’m different. Different is good. 🙂

We gather the packed lunch and toss it in his Kion backpack and it’s off to the park for Eddie and I. I’m telling you, this child had a blast. We don’t get out that much because:

A. We only have one car in commission.

B. I don’t have a license, so yea, there’s that.

He ran for those stairs and down the slide he went, about fifteen times in a row. He ended up making a little gal pal there and would hold her hand as she walked down the stairs and helped her up after she went down the slide. He felt the absolute need to take care of her and it melted my heart and the Mom’s who was beside me telling me how much of a gentleman Eddie is. Oh Momma, if only you knew the real deal at home. I do have to say, I am completely blessed that we have such a wonderful child when it comes to being around other children. It’s like he is a whole different kid. Crazy, I know.

It was so nice to be able to sit and talk to other Moms. It’s nice to hear that I’m not the only one who can’t seem to pry the Kindle out of his hands or that he screams at the top of his lungs when you take away the ketchup bottle because he wants to just squeeze it into his mouth. I felt like I got to a literal breath of fresh air today. It was 58 degrees, which is chilly in Florida when there is wind whipping your face and the sun disappear and reappearing continually. It’s days like these that make me feel so appreciative of what I have and what makes my child happy.

Jonathan met us at the park after his appointment and we let him play for a little while longer. We had been there almost two hours by that time, so he was getting a really great play day in.

About a half hour went by and we told him he gets two more slides and then it’s home time. He didn’t fuss or throw a fit, I could tell he was exhausted. His little eyes were red and his cheeks wind whipped and beaming from ear to ear, we went home. We took our sweet husky, Rigby, for a walk and let him play on his swing set for a little while longer. I could tell he about had it.


We all came inside and he stayed up for maybe another half hour, and by 5:30 he was out, and still out. Probably not the best thing considering it’s two hours later and I’m exhausted. Little man still needs a bath and we promised him we would make a cheese pizza for dinner. My lazy bum just wants to sit here and continue on but I know duty calls and I don’t want to make the tough decision of waking him. If I don’t now, I’ll be up all night and we can’t have a cranky Momma, not when Daddy goes back to work tomorrow. Oh the agony! I’ve enjoyed his company this past week.

All in all, great day. God blessed us in many ways and I’m just happy to be living this life with the people I love.

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