Heading Home

I feel like our time was here and gone. I’ve had such a wonderful time being here with my Mom in North Carolina. It’s so beautiful and cold and I want to move here so bad. I shouldn’t complain, I have a cozy home to go back to in Florida and a husband who is going crazy without me. Listening to the happiness and excitement in his voice made me feel so good. I can’t wait to feel his warm embrace and those sweet lips pressed against mine. I am so thankful to have a husband such as Jonathan, he is my world.

I think Eddie is excited to go home to all his toys and his own room. He keeps saying he wants to go to Eddie’s house! It makes me light up to hear him say that. We do so enjoy these wonderful visits with Na, but it’s always nice to go home to your own things and comfort. I really do miss my Rigby, our sweet sweet husky, he’s my walking buddy.

I’m excited to get back to normal and of course start decorating for Christmas. I am super excited to take down the Halloween decorations my husband refused to take down while I was away, and get us into the correct season. He better get ready, Christmas lights go up next weekend! Eddie is going to have so much fun helping Daddy outside with the lights, I just know it. He’s old and big enough to do that now. I swear, where does the time go? I’m really going to cherish these memories and sweet little moments in our life. I’m excited to get out the new camera Mom gave to me to get some great candid shots.

Here’s one for the books!

(Eddie and Na. Eddie says, “Na, I’m coooooold!” 😆❤️)

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