Just Another Marvel Monday…

Have you ever had Publix Peppermint Stick ice cream? I’m just sayin’, this stuff is highly addictive and loves the shape of those thighs.. I don’t know what level of “basic” I am, but I’m pretty sure it’s the “Peppermint Season” one. I’m like a level 100. So, let’s just say this is my absolutely favorite time of the year. Besides all the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, I’m actually pretty chill. I’m cold, that’s what I mean, I’m cold.

As far as worrying about how I’m going to get Eddie super awesome new toys and all of that, as my husband loves to say, “We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.” Oh if only that were the truth, my love, if only.. I keep asking little man what he would like from Santa this year and I’m honestly getting nothing. I understand, he is only 3 and probably has no idea what there really is out there quite yet, but it’s always the excitement of “The List.”

I remember when I was younger and my Mom was always one of the home room Mom’s, (like super cool, right?) In Kindergarten I remember we had to color a big Santa head and the beard had those huge, bold long lines for us to fill in the top 3 things we wanted for Christmas. If I’m not mistaken, there are a couple things I could have possibly asked for. Those include; Teddy Ruxpin, Toby Terrier, Camp Site Barbie (I hated dolls and girly stuff, but I thought I’d give it the old..uh..Kindergarten try?) and probably a computer game of some sort, I believe Toy Story was all the rage at the time. Can you believe they are coming out with a 4th one Summer 2019, mind blown. Anyway, Mom came over to me and being the sweet and sensitive Mom she always is, wrote out my list for me. I know, spoiled then, spoiled now. The way I want to raise my boy. I want him to know, Mommy ain’t playin’, I’ve got you son! I won’t ever forget simple memories like that, only wishing I could go back and truly cherish them for as long as I could.

Dang you Peppermint ice cream, why did you do that? It’s those cool minty bites that just bring me back and it’s the best kind of back there is.

Before I head off to dreamland, I do want to interject how truly honored I am to have appreciated the work of Stan Lee. Spider-Man was one of the first Super Heros that I felt a connection to… Not as of late, I’m feeling like The Flash times 10 chasing Eddie around. I want to give my sincere respect to a man who did great things and lived his life doing what he enjoyed most, creating, and doing that until the day he passed at the ripe old age of 95. Uncle Ben’s got nothing on you buddy. To this day, Jonathan has your caricature hanging in our memorabilia room, signed by you. He was the first one to introduce me to comics and the amazing men and women who designed them. Thank you for your service.

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