Ten To Be Thankful For

  1. Our Father in Heaven.
  2. My wonderful husband, Jonathan.
  3. Our beautiful red headed fox, Eddie.
  4. Rigby, our goofy Husky.
  5. Autumn weather.
  6. Eddie randomly grabbing my face and saying, “I wuv you Mommy.”
  7. Making late night bologna sandwiches for my hungry fox.
  8. Visiting my Mom in Concord, NC for a couple of weeks to enjoy family and the colorful scenery.
  9. Being apart of P31 Ministries Online Bible Study and belonging to a wonderful Bible Study Group within it.
  10. Waking up every morning thanking God for a brand new day to make amazing things happen.


I feel like I don’t take the time to sit and be thankful for the good that is in my life. I always pray about what I need help with and what needs to be done, etc. etc.. I want God to know I appreciate all of the good things he has placed in my life. I am trying to be more positive and see the good in everything. Sometimes it is very difficult when dealing with finances and stress and making sure everything runs smoothly in our lives. I’m so happy I have a family I can count on and that I’m sharing my life with my best friend.

I’m really hoping as this blog goes on I can open up a little bit more. I hate feeling vulnerable and it’s always been a problem for me. I guess no body likes to feel uncomfortable, it’s not something we look to achieve. I want to be an open book and share my story, what I’ve been through. So much of it is not pretty and I’m surprised that I’ve come as far as I have in this life. I only hope I can continue to grow in the right direction and be the woman I know I am and can be.

I am strong. I am beautiful. I am intelligent. I am a daughter of God. I am thankful for it all.

(Our Thanksgiving wreath hanging on our mantle, “Give Thanks in Everything.”) #Thankful

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